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These are the most recent additions to my gallery. Feel free to take all the time you want exploring the vast collection of art which I have submitted to dA as well as the huge collection of fine work from the many fellow deviants I have encountered and added to my favourites and watch. I am thanking you in advance.

Random Favourites

Here we have a random sampling of favourite artworks chosen for their artistic excellence rather than technical perfection. Many styles of art are chosen from the hundreds of wonderful friends and loyal watchers here on dA, as well as works visited during random browsing sessions.

There are over 16,840 images in the Favourites Gallery, a little bit of something interesting and enjoyable for everyone. Artworks are arranged in folders by topic of interest, including photographs, 3D renders, traditional art and literature. If you like them be sure to post a comment or give a fave to the artist. Be sure to visit them. Enjoy!

Random from Bolivia

Viva Bolivia! This wonderful and diverse country in South America is home to many Andean people, aboundant life, and the Charango. It is a place of high snow covered peaks and lush steamy lowland jungle.

This collection of wonderful artwork is only a small part of the vast Favourites Gallery here at the Slow Dog's Place. Please visit the Favourites Gallery to see the entire collection in greater detail.

Quispe Torrez Professional Charango hecho en el Alto, Bolivia.

Something fun from old Punjab in India

Public Relations on deviantART

:heart::iconshinyheartplz:dA Heroes Stamp by BrigetteMora:iconshinyheartplz::heart:
Artwork by the original dA Hero

Ricardo on Community Spirit

It is a fine community we have here on dA, made up of a gajillion kinds of folks with a wide scope of interests, tastes, and styles. The internet has turned the world into a small village where people can bridge the barriers of language, culture, race, sex, or any other profound or urgent matter of humankind, all within a social environment which encourages the use of artistic means to achieve results. To that end, try to observe some common sense etiquette while moseying around in the Halls of Walnut Hill...

Rules of Engagement

:bulletred:~ Be kind to your fellow deviants, no matter what.
:bulletred:~ Extend that kindness to me and I will do likewise.
:bulletred:~ Never post destructive or bullying comments.
:bulletred:~ Please do not bring personal drama to my pages.
:bulletred:~ This account is free of politics and religion.
:bulletred:~ Please do not ask me for points or votes.
:bulletred:~ Points, badges or favorites require no thanks.
:bulletred:~ Favorites require no comments but all are welcomed.
:bulletred:~ Please do not tag me or invite me to a chat site.
:bulletred:~ Feel free to share what you know about art.
:bulletred:~ Feel free to trade llamas and leave friendly notes.
:bulletred:~ Do not claim my art as your own doings.
:bulletred:~ You do not need permission to use my art.
:bulletred:~ If you use my art as stock, link and credit me.
:bulletred:~ You do not have permission to steal my art.
:bulletred:~ Thieves will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Slow Dog's Community

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"We could prevent a lot of unnecessary hatred, strife, and war if everyone in the world could all just understand and have the courage to say, 'My religious beliefs/non-beliefs are my opinions/preferences. They will most likely never be proven/disproven in my lifetime. They may not be the same as yours, but they are no greater, nor lesser than yours.' This would remove a huge source of needless conflict from the world."



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:iconspotlightplz: ~ Featured Organs ~ :iconspotlightplz:

What could be more awesome than the King of Instruments, the Mighty Pipe Organ? These magnificent mechanical marvels are among the largest machines constructed by the hand of man. No other musical instrument approaches their sonic power or frequency range.

Here in the spotlight are a few of the amazing pictures of pipe organs I think deserve extra exposure. Think of this little widget as SD's, or Slowdog's Deviations, sort of like the DD's given by the dA admins.

Llama Patrol

Bolivian Llama
Winter Fashion

A well dressed Albino Llama
Ready for Winter in the Altiplano


Llama Badge PNG by KomodoEmpire
Llama Wave by KinnisonArc

Llama Herding on deviantART

chasing llama by fear-the-brilliance:iconllamatruckplz:run llamas run by fear-the-brilliance

:bulletred: ~ If you view an artwork and add it to your favourites,
give a comment to the artist and perhaps a llama, too!
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What is a Llama?

Llamas airborne!
Bolivian llamas gather around to look at us

The llama (Lama glama) is a South American camelid, widely used as a pack and meat animal by Andean cultures since pre-hispanic times. They are everywhere in Bolivia. Many Native folks keep them as loving pets and hard working farm helpers. Llamas are very loyal creatures.

The height of a full-grown, full-size llama is between 1.7 meters (5.5 ft) and 1.8 meters (6 ft) tall at the top of the head. They can weigh between approximately 130 kilograms (280 lb) and 200 kilograms (450 lb). At birth, a baby llama (called a cria) can weigh between 9.1 kilograms (20 lb) and 14 kilograms (30 lb).

Llama on patio by Philip Greenspun,
An albino llama enjoys resting at Machu Picchu, Peru

Llamas are very social animals and like to live with other llamas as a herd. They can be trained to work as a team and are highly obedient, though temperamental at time as most camalids all over the world are known to be.

Overall, the fiber produced by a llama is very soft and is naturally lanolin free. The Natives weave it into colourful fabric to make the famous Awayo and Apaca garments worn by the local rural folk who live in the mountains of South America.

Llamas are intelligent and can learn simple tasks after a few repetitions. When using a pack, llamas can carry about 25% to 30% of their body weight for several miles. They enjoy pleasing a loving master who rewards them for a job well done.

Llamas on National Geographic
A llama wonders among the ruins in the Chilean Andes

Llamas appear to have originated from the central plains of North America about 40 million years ago. They migrated to South America about 3 million years ago as the watershed moved and the climate changed. Humans had not yet appeared in America, being found in Africa at that time.

By the end of the last ice age (10,000–12,000 years ago) camelids were extinct in North America, around the time modern light skinned humans appeared in Sweden. Note that the Native Andean humans had appeared in the mountains of South America much earlier. Their culture was highly advanced by the time the fair skinned folks arrived in America about 800 years ago.

As of 2007, there were over 7 million llamas and alpacas in South America and, due to importation northward from South America in the late 20th century, there are now over 158,000 llamas and 100,000 alpacas in the US and Canada.

Click this WIKI to learn more.

Featured Llama Stampage

Llama Badges by eggyLlama love by OnWingsOfBlue
Llama Whore by PatrickRuegheimerOfficial: Llama Farmer stamp by pencilandpaperaddict
llama by o-pieLlama Stamp by Kaoz-Commander
Random Acts of Llama by Kawaii-Demonic-ThingNinja Llama Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun
started with a llama by m0onjadeLlama Traders Tavern by Khalitzburg

I herd llamas on my deviant farm. The little buggers are everywhere on dA. Be it known that if you visit my page and I see your ike, you will get a llama from my farm. If I visit your page, I will leave a llama behind to give you love and respect. Also, if I add one of your works to my favourites, you will get a llama. And finally, everybody who gives me a llama will get one, a simple swap from your corral to mine. I do not buy llamas with points. However, I will trade a llama for a point from you. These points will be given to fellow deviants as awards of merit and appreciation.

My Herd of 7,101 Llamas

Current Llama Wrangler
Since September 3rd, 2013

Llama Rampage by KinnisonArcSuper Llama Pursuit by KinnisonArc
Ninja Llama Assault by KinnisonArcFancy Llama Chase by KinnisonArc

Going out, 5,582

Coming in, 1,519

Out of every five llamas that come to my farm, only one gets to stay in the local herd. They breed rather quickly. I like finding homes for them. I am currently herding Fancy Llamas which will grow in numbers large enough to become King Llamas. I need only 989 more of these furry friends in order to advance my herd to royalty.

The Fancy Llama
When the herd reaches 1,000 llamas

fancy llama by KGBigelow

Llama Club by easydisplaynameSuper Llama Club by easydisplayname
Albino Llama Club by easydisplaynameSuper Albino Llama Club by easydisplayname
Ninja Llama Club by easydisplaynameFancy Llama Club by easydisplayname

Featured Lllama Art

Ninja Llama by TrollGirl

Mystical Llama by SaiyaGina

Da Ultimate Llama Collection 3 by booboojim

Llama levels by =computercomedyguy


slowdog294 has started a donation pool!
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The 1,000,000 point donation drive is now open. First to donate and get things started is my fellow TPO enthusiest, David Irwin, from Ashland, Virginia, also known on dA as Passacaglia28. Thanks, Dave, for getting the ball rolling!


New devID by Passacaglia28

St. Anne's Church by Passacaglia28Mongomery House by Passacaglia28
York House by Passacaglia28M. P. Moller 2-20 Pipe Organ 6 by Passacaglia28

The Slow Dog wants to give back to dA what has been given to him, the pleasure of great art. Loyal patrons and wonderful friends who have enjoyed his art for over six years are owed many thanks. Words are not enough. He must do more.

One Million Points

To that end, a donation pool has been set up to collect a massive amount of dA points, to be given to various deviants as contest prizes and awards of artistic merit. One million points are to be collected before the contests begin. We are talking about major awards and prizes here.

Support Points Stamp by bigfunkychikenPoints by QuidxProxQuo
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Points Stamp by ERHBuggyPLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizzie

A lofty goal. One million points. Not for my use, instead, to award all my fellow deviants so they can get subscriptions and receive their favourite deviantSTUFF. This is a long term project, so there will be no time limit. However, when the bar hits one million, the contests will begin. Here is a teaser...

:bulletblue: Best 3D TPO Render

:bulletblue: Best Clothed BBW Render

:bulletblue: Best Alien Planetscape

:bulletblue: Best Windows Desktop Wallpaper

:bulletblue: Best Artistic Nude BBW Photo

And so on...

Prizes and rules to be announced at the start of the contests, which will accept new deviations beginning on each contest start date. Older devs will not qualify.

deviantART Points Wallpaper by atty12

Thank you in advance for your generous donation. It shows that you too believe in giving back to the community what it has given you. Blessings and good karma be.

Thanks by tRiBaLmArKiNgS

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Journal History


Ranger Ricardo
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States


Greetings and best wishes to all fellow deviants and other visitors who come here. I am the Slow Dog, also known as Ranger Ricardo, Yellow Team Leader with the Alcoa Ridge Runners, a local Blount County group of hikers who go out on weekend hikes and camps along randomly chosen trails in the backcountry areas of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Rest Stop on Little Greenbrier Trail by slowdog294
Ricardo and Ellen resting at Little Brier Gap - GSMNP

I believe in helping folks find real lasting joy every chance I get using the meager talents given to me. To this end, the artwork I have made and submitted to dA is presented in topical folders within my gallery, along with the thousands of favourites collected over my decade of dA membership. With the best of regards, I thank you very much for visiting my little corner of deviantART. Everyone is always welcome here.


J. Tyson Forker Top Spotlight Wide by slowdog294
J. Tyson Forker Memorial 4/32 Mighty WurliTzer

On these pages, you will see the grandest of mankind's musical creations up close and personal in all its glory, the King of Instruments, the Mighty Theatre Pipe Organ of the Silent Movie Age. You will also see beautiful landscapes, lovely women, and places where humans have lavished fantastic splendor upon homes, churches, and castles of all sizes. Tucked in between all this, you will find other objects of man's desire as well as the creatures who share this planet with us. Please enjoy your visit.



Expanding mankind's mind and world since 1956.

Waiting for Recovery by gunstar1GOING FOR A STROLL by archangel72367
Against All Odds by ArraxxonShuttle into the Blue by trekkie604
The ISS Station by 2753Productions
The ISS Station by 2753Productions
Space Launch System by GeneralTate
Space Launch System by GeneralTate

My Main Website

Walnut Hill Productions Home Page

WurliTzer Support Stamp by slowdog294MidiTzer Support Stamp by slowdog294
Proud to be a TPO player by slowdog294Organist stamp by slowdog294
"It's all about the King of Instruments!"

The main website for Walnut Hill Productions is at the Theatre Organ Home Page. Founded by Jerry Kautz of Vintage Organ fame, the site is free to anyone wishing the world to see the vintage organ in their care. This includes all Theatre Pipe Organs, Church Pipe Organs, and certain sought after electronic instruments and accessories. To learn more, click the link below...

Recruiting a Junior Ranger

Sat Dec 13, 2014, 5:25 PM
I Swear It's True by SevenRosesThanks by tRiBaLmArKiNgSPark Ranger Icon -- Danger Dan by MiarathFake Pageviews by Sedmallama by o-pie

Black Bear by rachels89
Black Bear
by rachels89

Opening Message

Early Summer 2013 at Clingman's Dome 2 by slowdog294Under The Hat 006 by slowdog294Early Summer 2013 at Clingman's Dome 3 by slowdog294

Greetings and welcome to the Slow Dog's Place. Having finally made it to Senior Member status on dA following a decade of attendance, I am looking forward to the next ten years under the hat and in the boot, finding time to make music, and sharing images of my travels with you.

After nearly a year to this date since my last Journal entry, I decided it was high time for Danger Dan to help me write a new one. It would be a hastily assembled work in progress on my part, but Danger Dan would tell the story well. The impetus came from two corners of my life...

:star: One. A total of over 100,000 visitors to my page in the ten years I have been on dA. It is difficult to individually thank this many people. If I have not yet gotten around to noting you, please accept this as a thank you in advance for your loyalty and support during this past decade. I am deeply honored and glad to be of service. It is a great priviledge to be here among good folks and fine art.

:star: Two. A fine young lad who is a very close friend of mine as well as one of my many siblings, one who wants to become a United States National Park Ranger. To this end, he went with the Alcoa Ridge Runners for a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for to find out how. It would be his first day in training, hiking up the side of a tall mountain and having fun.

I decided to dedicate my journal to the second topic, that being my little buddy Jeremy and his adventure in the park. Since many pictures were taken dring the journey, it was easy to put them all together and accompany them with apropriate commentary. And so, this is Jeremy's story as told by Danger Dan...

Recruiting a Junior Ranger

Considering all the 900 miles of hiking trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Cove Mountain Trail is arguably the best hike for beginners. Why? Well, it begins at the Sugarlands Visitor Center near the Park Headquarters, where US441 (Newfound Gap Road) and Scenic State 73 (Little River Road) intersect in Sevier County, Tennessee. The Sugarlands are about a mile south of Gatlinburg, near the central northern boundary of the park.

Sugarlands Visitor Center Entrance by slowdog294

This is the perfect place to begin a life of fun in the mountains. The United States National Park Service is always on the lookout for people young and old to join in with the stewardship and enjoyment of these priceless treasures. Kids can get involved as soon as they are five years old. The Junior Ranger Program offers fun for children from five to twelve years of age. Talk to your kids about this wonderful opportunity. Better yet, click on the image below to learn more at the Official USNPS Kids in Parks website.

Kids in Parks - USNPS Junior Ranger Program
Visit the USNPS Kids in Parks website.

They say the best way to recruit a Park Ranger is to get a kid interested in becoming a Park Ranger. If you find a young one who loves being outdoors, is not afraid to explore, has enough common sense to be careful out there, loves science, and enjoys learning new things and having adventures in the wilderness, you have found a Junior Ranger candidate. Such is the case for a fellow from Alcoa, Tennessee and his grand nephew...

Jeremy Goes Up The Mountain

And so, let's relive a hike on Cove Mountain in pictures, with a joyous boy who loves the great outdoors, all things science, and has a passion for standing on high ridges to see the valley below and the distant ranges beyond. Let's observe his glee as he finds big rocks still moving, or as he gets flat of his back on a lounging rock to discover the forest canopy, or when he realizes he is standing on a lofty ledge hundreds of feet above the valley floor. He got to live his dream for a day. There will be many more to come.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 005 by slowdog294

Introducing a fine young man of nine years named Jeremy Garland, son of Mike and Chandra Garland, her youngest of three children and grand nephew to ol' Uncle Roo. A Junior Ranger in training, Jeremy shouldered his load, about six pounds of water in a camelback, his stick, and some snacks.

After meeting the Park Rangers of the Sugarlands, he put on his official flat hat and took to the trail with his teammates Ellen, Ricardo, and Travis. Here, he is seen at HQ preparing for the trek. During the hike, this curious fellow studied rocks, moss and trees, and was also treated to grand vistas of distant mountains.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 001 by slowdog294

Posing for Ricardo at the Cataract Falls to Cove Mountain trailhead sign, the newest member of the Alcoa Ridge Runners took to the wilderness for the first time. This spot would mark the official starting point of the hike.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 002 by slowdog294

After a brief stroll of about five hundred feet from the trailhead sign, out among the young trees of a deep mixed forest, the team arrives at Cataract Falls. This cascade is an excellent indicator of relative moisture in the ground. Today, it was almost dry since the rain had been light for over a week.

On wet days, this tiny trickle turns into a raging torrent. Most days, it is simply a magical shower of cool mountain water where folks like to pose for pictures. In this one, Jeremy joins Ricardo at the foot of the falls.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 003 by slowdog294

Jeremy bonded instantly with Ellen. She was glad to be that all important mother hen on his first adventure into the deep backcountry. Although he would be with hikers just inside the park boundary, the path would travel up a steep mountain ledge on its way to the summit of Cove Mountain.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 004 by slowdog294

Ricardo was also eager to pose with this hopeful pathfinder-to-be. Every student age child needs to follow in Jeremy's boot prints. To Ricardo, this was a significent moment in history, when a young boy got to go into the wilderness to find the man lurking within. For Jeremy, a door into a much larger universe awaited. The trek would be quite an accomplishment for a lad with acute athsma.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 006 by slowdog294

Jeremy is seen hiking with Ricardo as they head out on the Cove Mountain Trail. As he takes the lead middle position, Ellen goofs off for Travis's camera as she takes the rear position behind Ricardo.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 007 by slowdog294

Posing again at the second Cove Mountain Trail sign just beyond Cataract Falls, the young hiker and his team would cover three miles in the boot there and back to the first lookout. For this, the team was very proud.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 008 by slowdog294

On the trek up the flank of Cove Mountain, beautiful views of the distant ranges beyond were enjoyed by all, like the one you see above.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 009 by slowdog294

Hiking steadily uphill among the deep green tunnels of Rosebay Rhododendrons with their leaves drooping low, the Junior Ranger in Training would learn what the leaves were telling him, that cold weather was coming, the beginning of winter in the Smokies. Not once did he breath hard going up the steep grade. His athsma medications, always at the ready, stayed in Ricardo's medic's pack.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 010 by slowdog294

Jeremy would also learn about the rocks and some of the plants and animals which make homes there as he kept close step with his Uncle Roo. He would continuously look into nooks and crannies to see critters and such, though it was chilly on this day and not much was stirring. He would learn about leaving no trace and the importance of safe passage.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 011 by slowdog294

The team stops to pose for Ricardo as the hikers approach the first lookout. This long and winding narrow trail, if taken to the junction with the Laurel Falls Trail, takes hikers to the summit of Cove Mountain about eight miles away.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 012 by slowdog294

Jeremy enjoys bouldering on a watershed rock pile with the big boys, posing for Ellen during the trek up Cove Mountain Trail as they carefully look for lizards about a mile into the hike. Today, they would find none. The climate had become too cold in late Autumn for the tiny critters to be out and about.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 013 by slowdog294

Time and again, the woods opened up to reveal distant valleys and smoky ranges. As the team climbed ever higher, they reached an altitude where the clouds could be seen forming near the spine of the Appalachians.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 014 by slowdog294

Every hike for the Alcoa Ridge Runners has a tradition known as Arriving at the Land of Chocolate. It is the halfway point in a hike or every 1.5 miles, whichever comes first, as some hikes are so long that they have many lands of chocolate.

The hikers have determined this to be the place, where the trail levels out onto an open ledge affording a panoramic view of the Sugarlands. Chocolate will get you over any mountain, yes indeed.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 015 by slowdog294

As the team enjoys their tasty reward, Ricardo ponders a peek at a section of trail they will not be taking, and that would be the one continuing on up the mountain to the Land of Ancient Trees. That much longer hike would be for a later time in Ranger Jeremy's tour of duty.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 016 by slowdog294

After enjoying the Hershey's treat, Ricardo considers the journey down the mountain. He points out the spot where the Visitor Center is, far below in the valley. The sun is starting to set low. They must get off the mountain.

Going Down the Mountain

Once it was decided that the team would call this the halfway point, the Red Team Leader rounded everyone up for the journey downhill, back to the little red car parked near the GSMNP Headquarters.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 017 by slowdog294

Since this was sort of an initiation into the way of the mountain travelers, it was only fitting to end the ritual of the Land of Chocolate by getting Travis to snap a shot of his three teamsters. Ellen found them a nice rock for a seat, and all gathered around the young hiker. Yes, Jeremy earned his chocolate well and enjoyed it immensely.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 018 by slowdog294

In the Smokies, the sun sets low early in the evening with rapidly plummeting temperatures and an increased chance of rain. Ellen figures if the team leaves now, they will arrive at HQ just as darkness comes.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 019 by slowdog294

As they were leaving the Land of Chocolate, Jeremy got his team involved in the study of a large outcropping of rocks. In the annuls of the Alcoa Ridge Runners, the spot where the decident candy was savored by all would always be known as Jeremy's Lookout. We salute this fine young man, indeed.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 020 by slowdog294

Ricardo and Jeremy stuck together like glue, the elder traveler filled to the brim with loving pride and joy, and the younger woodsman overwhelmed with the wonder of wide eyed boyhood glee in finding a much bigger cosmos and his place within it. After this day, Jeremy's life would be forever changed...

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 021 by slowdog294

Jeremy takes a leading position as Ricardo brings up the rear while looking out from the ledge to the ranges beyond and the valleys below. This was the most treasured of all the experiences Jeremy had during the excursion into the wilderness. He would overcome his fear of heights on this trip and be elected to the Red Team because of his interest in nature and science.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 022 by slowdog294

Ricardo and Jeremy are seen pausing at an overlook, taking in the panoramic view of the Sugarlands along the return leg of the hike. Even as Autumn of 2014 was ending, the colors of the mountains were vivid in the golden glow of a late afternoon sun.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 023 by slowdog294

Exercising his newly earned membership on the Red Team, Jeremy urges Ricardo to get a move on and join up with the rest of the crew, now rapidly moving off. Ricardo turns his mobile device on Jeremy just as he was getting into high gear. Yep, a natural born leader, that boy learns way too fast!

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 024 by slowdog294

Ricardo attempts a capture of the rapidly setting sun. Travis would be shooting this scene from a vantage point further down the trail. Ricardo would expose for the sky. Travis would expose for the trees. In this shot by Travis, it still looks like there is plenty of daylight left.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 025 by slowdog294

Ricardo clicks the shutter on his first of two attempts at capturing the rapidly setting sun. As you can see here, darkness will soon fall on Cove Mountain, as evidenced when exposing for the clear blue sky, similar to what the naked eye witnessed.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 027 by slowdog294

As you can see here in an additional shot by Ricardo while exposing for the trees, it again looks like daylight is long of ending. However, this is an illusion, as all experienced hikers know that conditions change rapidly in these ancient mountains.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 028 by slowdog294

Travis wanted to catch a portrait of his three teamsters near the end of the hike. He wanted Jeremy to remember his first backcountry trek with the Alcoa Ridge Runners, on the day he became an official Junior Ranger in Training with the USNPS. Now those are some happy hikers right there.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 029 by slowdog294

As the sun sets low. Ricardo moves into the lead position and captures a long range view down hill of the trail ahead. The hikers should be able to get off the mountain before sundown.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 030 by slowdog294

The stroll downhill would be a more difficult part of the hike than the climb up the flank of Cove Mountain. Shadows grew long and colors became deep. It was hard to look away from the green Rhodie tunnels and open vistas of Fighting Creek Gap.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 031 by slowdog294

Jeremy finds a nice rock and takes a lay down, flat of his back, to look up at the sky and forest canopy. We all do it, those of us who hike into the deep woods in the mountains to find our inner beings. This is true relaxation at its finest.

It took two images to make this picture, one of the young fellow looking skyward and another of what he saw while reclining on the stone of lounging in the church of rocks and roots.

Recruiting a Junior Ranger 032 by slowdog294

Closing Message

Jeremy would remember this day as being some of the most fun a boy can have. The team is proud to have him as a member. He has earned his hiking gear and worn it proudly. He makes a flat hat look good, too.

On December 7th of 2014, Mister Garland was officially elected to the Alcoa Ridge Runners Red Team as our Backcountry Scientist. He also began training as a Junior Ranger with the USNPS on this day. Again, we salute him. His kind gives lasting hope to the world. For that, we can never thank him enough.

- Danger Dan

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Who I Am and What I Do

So how would one describe me? Obviously, I am a flower child of the '60's, a mild mannered farm boy from East Tennessee who loves music and art, living by the way of the Hippy and following the teachings of Pachamama. Some would call me spiritual yet somewhat pagan, being a scientist by nature, a rather retiring and crusty old professor who holds Jessie Crawford, Uncle Albert and Madre Terra in the highest of reverent esteem. I also love the dearest younglings who bless me every day with their presence in my life.

Quality Jam Time by slowdog294
Quality jam time with Doctor Zander

I like music in all its forms. I am an active musician, though I officially retired from the industry years ago. Folks in the Theatre Pipe Organ world know me as the Bone Doctor. At Rocky Branch Community Center in Walland, Blount County, Tennessee, I am known as Guru. Every Friday night, one can find me playing mountain music with those whom I grew up with, fellow students, close friends, cousins and family.

Standing among giants by slowdog294
Standing among giants - GSMNP

I am a man who enjoys nature with a passion. Hiking and camping in the remote backcountry are the ultimate forms of rest and recreation for me among a few close friends. It is what I do on most weekends these days.

I an outgoing in public. However, I am a gentlemen with the ladies. To me, women are the artwork created by the Makers. They come in all sizes, shapes and colours, and they are all beautiful, each in their own wonderful way.

House Rules by slowdog294
Camp at Kepart Shelter - GSMNP

Women deserve to be treated with kindness, respect, adoration and equality as humans, for they are better equipped to handle stressful scenerios, and as an added bonus, appreciate art in ways men cannot.

When I am not building computers or making music, I can be found outside doing the greenskeeping, gardening, riding my bike, or observing the sky and woodlands during hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Hiking Twenty Mile Loop by slowdog294
Getting hiking bearings - GSMNP

I enjoy scale model construction, bowling, rollerskating and swimming. Diving from high places is a real thrill. I also enjoy flying in small airplanes. Anything that goes fast or has lots of power is pleasure for me, because I am a thrill seeker at heart. Boys never grow up. They just get bigger toys.

Ready For Liftoff by slowdog294
Space Shuttle Discovery on Pad 39A
1/144 Scale Revell Plastic Model Kit

Men go from being content commanding the playpen to taking over the world. I simply want to become one with Nature and have fun doing it. The trick to living happy is remembering what made you happy to begin with as a child. As I was growing up, two things thrilled me the most. Romping around in Nature and human space travel. As a middle aged man, these items still bring me great fascination and joy. And all my life, the music has never stopped playing...

Ricardo's Beginnings

Although I go by Ranger Ricardo here on dA, I was born Richard Elmer Mogridge of William Edwin Mogridge and Mary Naomi Perkins in Maryville, Tennessee on October 21st, 1956. I grew up in Townsend, Tennessee on the farm known all over Blount County as Fallbranch Hollow. I am primarily of Scottish descent, though the 1/8 Cherokee blood in my veins from my Dad's side of the family dominates my genetics.

The land I grew up in, which is mostly wooded, was originally purchased in 1930 for 10,000 dollars by my grandparents on my father's side, William Frederick Mogridge and Mary Alice Walker, who had relocated there from their previous home in Zainsville, Ohio where my father was born in 1923. Most of my people are from New York.

The beautiful farm is famous for a spring fed waterfall located at the north end of the property where a limestone cliff of 115 feet in height separates the mountains above from the valley below. It is lush woodland that looks like a fantasy scene straight out of a Walt Disney movie.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is only three miles east of the farm, now owned by Romulus Myers, Attorney At Law, who purchased the 40 acre tract from the family in 1976 for 100,000 dollars. Today, it is worth over a million.

Happy Birthday, Jack. by manda-louTownsend, TN 2 by r3w1nd
Gatlinburg Tenn. by SybiezDowntown Knoxville - JFG by robicus

Adventure in the Smokies

East Tennessee is a unique place. To be found here are some of the oldest mountain ranges on Earth, where virgin undisturbed woodlands still grow. Folks who live here hold this magical land in such high reverance that a large area of wilderness, encompassing over 800 square miles in Tennessee and North Carolina, has been set aside as a nature preserve known as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Ranger Ricardo at Andrews Bald by slowdog294
Ranger Ricardo at Andrews Bald - GSMNP

Over a half million acres of mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and streams combine with diverse wildlife, hardwood and evergreen forests to greet over nine million visitors per year. It is the most visited National Park in the United States, straddling the Tennessee/North Carolina border along the Appalachian Trail. I enjoy being outdoors and hiking in this wonderful place enough to have a strong desire to lend a helping hand to the land I call home.

Get Involved

The Smoky Mountains National Park has no admittence fee. Keeping it attractive for visitors while making sure that Nature stays in balance requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Many opportunities await folks who come here, not only to have fun and get away from it all, but also, to learn about the park and take part in the stewardship of this national treasure.

Visit the official website of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.Visit the Great Smoky Mountains Association and shop for books and hiking supplies, park souveneers, and fine mountain foods.Volunteer for duty with the National Park Service - Get involved!

There are three ways to get involved if you share my passion for the wilderness. Obtain a job as a Park Ranger. Join the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Become a member of the Volunteers in Parks program. You can help us make a difference. We can save the wilderness for those who follow in the years to come. Click on a logo above to get started on your journey.

Park Rangers and Volunteers

Park Ranger Dale Ditmanson by slowdog294
Superintendent Dale Ditmanson - GSMNP

There are two kinds of personnel working within the staff of the National Park Service. There are the real Park Rangers, proudly wearing their trademark campaign hats, appointed federal lawgivers who get paid to work for the Department of the Interior. These hard working men and woman carry guns and proudly wear the arrowhead patch on their left shirt sleeve and a badge above their left shirt pocket. Without these legendary American Icons, the park would not exist. We all owe the Park Rangers a great debt of gratitude. The Park Rangers are the true heroes of the wilderness.

Ranger Patch by crimsonacquittal
National Park Volunteer

Then, there are the many people who work tirelessly without pay right beside the Park Rangers. They do not carry guns but they do wear a Ranger uniform with the Volunteer patch on the left shirt sleeve. These enthusiastic and dedicated workers are part of the official park staff. Their reward is knowing the National Parks will be around for future generations to enjoy. As a dedicated park advocate, I am working toward enrolling in the service of the Volunteers in Parks. My intentions are to adopt a backcountry hiking trail with primative campsites to care for.

Call of Duty

Ranger Ricardo on Buckeye Trail 14 by slowdog294
Ranger Ricardo on Buckeye Trail

During the everyday responsibilities of working in the Smokies, the Park Rangers depend on the Volunteers, forming a great team of enthusiastic folks with an unlimited passion for sharing the love of Nature and preserving it for everyone to experience in the years to come. Hard work is always a prelude to more fun than you ever thought possible. We have a lot of work to do in these mountains, and we have a bunch of fun doing it. Join us and live the adventure.

Official Beta Tester

Official Beta Tester

I beta test shit. by inktoastWindows ver.2.0 by RekizdChange by SinMarai

I am an official beta tester. I am a member of the bug reporting team here on dA. I am also a member of the Microsoft Developer Team. I enjoy finding things that are not quite right and figuring out a solution. I have beta tested dA since becoming a member of this great community in 2004.

:bulletyellow: ~ I have served as an Official Beta Tester for Google and Microsoft since 1994.
:bulletyellow: ~ I have been a Premium Member and Official Beta Tester at DA for over nine years.
:bulletyellow: ~ I design high end cutting edge computing solutions for the music industry.

Internet Browsers


I use Internet Explorer as a default browser, but that does not mean I use it all the time. I also use other major browsers to proof my web designs, in order to make sure my work is consistent and uniform across platforms. A well designed site will look the same on all computers worldwide, regardless of the OS and its apps. I run WHQL drivers on Intel and AMD Radeon compatible hardware.

Operating Systems

IE stamp by MeisterMaximumO_o by Kaboose-18Windows Stamp by Stollrofl

I hear a lot of folks throwing off on Microsoft. It is easy to do unless you become aware of the sheer complexity of creating an operating system that will run well on a huge list of hardware that can be assembled and programmed in a myriad of mostly unknown and unpredictable ways by people who often know little about computers. My hat is off to this great company and the many hard working developer teams worldwide.

Technical Support

Website Notepad - Stamp by ConDecepticonWindows 7 by Tantawi

:bulletyellow: ~ I support the following MS OS packages:


:bulletyellow: ~ I work with the desktop and server varients as well as the new mobile apps and embedded devices.

PC Platforms

Gigabyte GA-7PESH3 by slowdog294

:bulletyellow: ~ I still own and operate older 32bit computers.
:bulletyellow: ~ I also have some newer 64bit machines.
:bulletyellow: ~ I work with home and office solutions.



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